Changing photo in Android app


I have created my Homey Account, and apparently my Gravatar photo was used automatically. (Did not know I had one…:thinking: )

So yesterday I changed my Gravatar Photo through

Now I see in the Andriod app, in the left corner the correct new photo. But when I press ‘myself’ a larger photo is shown, but it is the old one.

Where can I change the photo in a better way, to no longer use Gravatar/Wordpress?
Same goes for my significant other, where should I upload her photo, so I can see her smiling face, instead of a general person picture?

mhhh, something changed.
Pressing myself a few times, the picture changed.

Then I manually changed my home/away checkmark.
In my timeline, a notification appeared, that I left. Again, with the old picture.
This is actually reproducible.

I cropped and changed the photo a little.

Would seem to be Android Webview caching…

If you really want it to go away… wipe the app data for the Homey App and log back in or wait till the cache is cleared

Sure, It is a caching issue.

But, my main question remains.

Where to change my photo, without using Gravatar/Wordpress?


I now did it through:

Which actually also works.
I was able to change the picture of my significant other there as well.