Pretend being home - switcing on/off devices randomly


Best (only) way to keep thieves away from home is to simulate human presence.

Is there a way to create random switching on/off of devices (lights, TV, SONOS, etc) with the Flow rules ? I mainly have Fibaro Zwave modules and Sonos.

For example switch on TV for 2 hours at random time between 8 and 10 in the evening, switch on and off lights up to 1AM at night, etc…

Any tips how to achieve that simply or other ideas on this regard?

thank you.

I did something similar with the lights in the toilet and bedroom. I did the following:

So every x minutes, between a specific time and after sunset, proceed with a change of x percent.
Perhaps there are other ways to achieve something similar, but so far this works fine for me.
Regarding the TV you could also configure a flow which turns on the TV at some random time and shuts it off after a couple hours or so. Just be creative :slight_smile:

Here is mine.

I have a virtual switch to turn prescence simulation on-off.

I agree that the best way to keep thieves out is to simulate human presence.
But random ?
If thieves take time to study your house and discover its not random, they want to visit your house badly. They will also notice no-one is going in or out for days, no movement etc.

So Consider how much time to put in figuring out a random system.
(Which is probably more error prone)
For lights just run keep running the same flows running during absence.
For TV, just switch it on/of at a fixed time.