Possibility to connect Z-Wave devices unsecure

Hi All,

Z-Wave have a built in “flaw” that if you have a lot of Z-Wave devices in the mesh the communication between them becomes slow and there is a large risk for packetloss, especially when running a scenario like “turn off all light”.

The security in Z-Wave is good but it would be even better if the normal commands actually worked reliably.

Could you update the Z-Wave apps, and SDK if needed, so that a user can select if a secure Z-Wave connection is required. It could be a setting in the app that default was on secure to not change the behavior for people not caring. It would be fine for me if the connections to the lights were unsecure as long as the communication to critical devices were secure. I would much rather have that compared to the current situation where lights do not get turned on or off when they are supposed to.

Comments and opinions?


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For some devices its possible to do that. E.g. for Fibaro devices, adding trought Walli Switch template includes all devices in unsecured mode. And yes, it improves performance a lot.

Yes, I heard about that workaround for some Fibaro devices. Would be better to have it in from start.

Here is a picture of all the errors I encouter, beteen 2-4%, not nice.

It’s not only for Fibaro devices. With this workaround you can include any zwave device unsecure as long unsecure is supported by the device itself.

But you are right. There should be a button where the user can select secure or unsecure. Like many other Z-Wave Gateways.