Port Forwarding in App 8.0

Can anyone please explain how I can use the new feature Port Forwarding as now possible in the latest Mobile App Version 8.0.0?
Thanx in advance!

Its in the description of the update.

Thanx, I’ve seen it. I just don’t know what public port I need to use.

The explanation wich ports you have to use is in the settings of the homey app under port forwarding.

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Okay, thanks. I’ll try it.

Seems to work. Thanx!

i have a tp link deco, but i dont get it. what do i need to fill in by internal and external? can anyone help me with this? do i need to fill in 443 and 4859?


Public Port ~ => External Port

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oke so internal = 443 and external = 4859?

That is correct.

You can change the external port to whatever you want.

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oke Thankyou both

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Keep in mind that you define the port in the homey aswel ( If you changed it )

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Can anyone explain the usecase for this feature? :pray:

You can communicate directly with your homey.
Otherwise it will communicate via the cloud. ( If you are not connected on the same network as your Homey)

Not everyone is happy with a cloud based solution.

how did you manage to install version 8? There is no App Store

It’s a beta function. You can join the beta program.

It’s also posible to just enter the beta program for the apps on Apple/Android. Just scroll down on the link. At the is the information for the apps

Is there design news in the Home and Devices section? or only software updates in version 8?


Yeah, I got that, but since I still need Athom’s cloud to authenticate I don’t see any advantage…

Even then I still need their cloud to authenticate?

I’m not either, but I’m also not happy about exposing my Homey through port forwarding.

Anyways, the new Homey app adds some other features I do benefit from, so I’m happy anyways :blush: