Please share experience with Camera's and Homey


  • Alarm Sound in camera
  • Led light in camera; Can be turned on by alarm/movement
  • 5 levels of movement detection
  • Detection region can be defined

Nice camera, with good quality video, even when it’s dark (Led light not needed).
Includes alarm sound and strong Led-light when movement is detected (can be switched off).

Install the Dahua Camera App in Homey. Then you can add the IMOU Bullet camera with that app.

When cards available in Flows:

  1. Video Movement started
  2. Video Movement stopped
  3. Local alarm Started
  4. No Video Signal
  5. Video signal present
  6. Videoblind start (Privacy)
  7. Video Unblind

Then Cards available in flows:

  1. Goto default Position
  2. Make a Snapshot
  3. Restart Camera
  4. Zoom Out/In
  5. Set to day Profile
  6. Set to Night Profile
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I have some cameras listed in this topic Support for ONVIF compatible cameras (1.1.18 & test 1.1.25)

Lots of topics about camera’s. :thinking:

Lots topics, that’ s true, but an overview with details of the capabilities and possibly advantages and disadvantages is really useful.

From a newbie standpoint I would love to have a centralised thread with user experience on cameras, you guys have years of experience reading everything homey, but for someone that is starting this would be great.

As of now I’m looking at adding some cameras and the info on ip cameras and their use and compatibility is very limited (not bashing on anyone, love the great community) and I’m a bit lost.

If someone added to this thread say the wyzecam 3, amazon blink mini or similar it would save a lot of fishing through different super long threads where they mention as a side note that X camera won’t work via IP because it doesn’t have whatever.

To make this a good short Threat, please only post details about camera’s.

Which app do you use for this camera?

Can u use one of these “when options” as trigger when the camera detected a motion?
for example: when motion detected then send snapshot to google hub, TV, …