Philips GU10 dimmable with Fibaro dimmer 2

I have a set of three older interlux 7W led gu10’s that I want to replace with Philips GU10 5W dimmable warm white spots.
I need to replace them as the old ones do not fit into the Philips Enneper spot.

However, as the old ones functioned without any issue, I cannot even get the Philips ones to give light at a decent level.
I tried calibrating multiple times. Tried to force trailing and leading edge mode, all without result.
When off, there is always a little glare. That could probably be fixed with a bypass.
But when turned on, it flashes softly, then flashes brighter and then returns to the “off glare”.

Maybe someone else has experience with simular issues and can point me in the right direction?

You may indeed need a bypass but it can also be that the dimmer needs to be adjusted.
Last weekend I connected a new Walli dimmer (:smile:) to a set of 3 GU10 dimmable spots. Calibration was succesfull, but when turning on the lights, they would just turn of almost immediately again.

Then when I turned it on and quickly dimmed back the lights stayed on. I needed to adjust the max dim level to 49% (instead of 99%) al above that and the lights go off again at high brightness. And with this setting of 49% I still have max brightness (at least that’s what it looks like to my naked eye).

I can now see the red light on the dimmer, according to the manual that means that calibration was not succesfull. I guess that means I need a bypass and then see if it works. Or just return the spots and use the old ones :grinning:

Aarrggghhh, just when I considered buying the bypass, I noticed that there is no way I can place it. The three spots all have cables coming from some other place I cannot reach below the lowered ceiling.

Does the Dimmer2 have an option to limit the max dim power? If so change it to say 25% and see if that changes anything. I started trying at 95, then 90, then 85 then 60 and nothing “worked”. After trial and error I came up with 49% in my case.

Tried it, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it did not work. As I cannot reach the central point where all the wiring comes together (thank you, previous house owner…), I decided to return the spots and keep using the old ones.

Bypass should be used only if 2 wire setup. If you have neutral connected, its should not be needed. If auto calibration doesn’t work, you can set values manually based on dimmer2 manual.

Bypass is needed when the load is below 25W. Has nothing to do with 2 or 3 wire setup.