Opple 6 button switch only able to set as one button switch

Hi guys

I have recently bought Homey Pro trying to integrate with my Loxone.

I am frustrated because Homey is really more toy than a serious automation. It’s looks like a lifetime beta.

Was someone here able to add Opple 6 button switch to the homey the way 6 switches can be used separately? I know there are double clicks and long presses but I will be happy to use 6 buttons. Please help i have spend 500€ to have universal device ending up by half working device

You have the Aqara app?
If you want al the buttons seperatly you have to choose for “a scene has been activated”
Then choose for button 1 and 1x pressed.
Now you can go to then and do want you want with it.
Turn on or off what ever you want.
This works for al the six buttons.

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For the WebApp


or this :

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Button 2, pressed 1x Example for button 2.
Then you can use 6 buttons.

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@Jan_Halanda, funny how you complain about a neat device before you even RTFM.

If you don’t like Homey, feel free to sell it!
I’m surprised you even got helped out with your post.


Where did you read Homey is compatible with Loxone?

After 1 hour off reading and your first post ever you know it all

Comparing to Loxone € 500,- is peanuts i guess.

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I am sorry for my behaviour. It’s a lot work to be done by homey in the future. It has great potential but still cannot say it can be a serious automation if there will be so many bugs. I don’t want to sell it and yes you’re guys right i was lazy to read full forum to get info. I will change my behaviour

I have now integrated loxone outputs and try next inputs and statuses as well. In my Loxone home there is modified Arduino with shield (railduino) raspberry pi, homey, Google home and finally home assistant on my Synology. It’s a mess :slight_smile: