Occupation detection using Fibaro Motion Sensors

Hi, I’m trying to detect if a room is occupied using Fibaro Motion Sensors. The problem is that since they are motion sensors, they react to motion and when you sit still (i.e. watching television) the sensor isn’t triggered. I have build HomeyScript that looks at the last 15 minutes of sensor data, but even that fails if you sit still for more than 15 minutes.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Chris Peters

Perhaps put a power meter on your tv - {IF} No Motion {AND} TV is off {THEN} Turn off light.

If you don’t like that you could put a pressure sensor on the couch so it knows your sitting.

This is a fairly common problem around here we call it the 'Bathroom Light Challenge"

Hi that is definitely a solution for the living room, but I am also looking for a general solution. It seems to be a difficult problem to solve though. Thanks for the link to the Bathroom Light Challenge that seems to have some interesting ideas