New Ipad app version “invalid_endpoint”

Anyone else having issues with the new version of the app (ipad)
I was using the beta app (testflight), a new version was available so I did an update.

I got an “invalid_endpoint” error, app does not work.
So I deinstalled it and installed the latest app v8.0.2.1450) from appstore. Same issue

  • the app is working fine for my homey 2023 but not for my homey 2019
  • the app on my iphone works fine too (v7.6.2.1420)
  • the web app works fine for both

Anyone else having this issue?
Any ideas?

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Yes I have the same issue on my iPhone, Homey 2019. Have you found a solution?

Nope not yet.(but did not try much yet)
Using the web app if needed. (Mainly using my homey23 now)

Still have some info on it that I need to transfer, so bit afraid to reboot and discover web an iphone are also not working anymore…

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Are you on a Homey version below 8.0.0?

Yes, its still on 7.1.6…

Any specific reason you are not upgrading?

Mainly “dont fix what is not broken” combined with trust in new releases…
After a few upgrades that did result in an instable homey I decided to switch off automatic updates of firmware and apps.