Netatmo vs Eufy doorbell please help

Hi all,
I would like to add an automation between a doorbell and Yale lock and Face++ and I want to know if Eufy doorbell has support for image tag to get snapshot and send it too Face++ and unlock door if positive.
I an looking between Eufy doorbell and Netatmo doorbell.
Please help

I can just say, that for 9 months Netatmo Doorbell and Face++ do not work ideally but Athom promised to fix it (you first get noise only, then the Doorbell picture, so there is delay on processing the event).

As for Eufy Doorbell, seems there is still ghost ring problem that I know never happened to me on Netatmo Doorbell (search for EUFY ghost ring). However, to your question, I believe there is image tag, but better to ask directly in the thread - [APP][Pro] Eufy Security - #5031 by martijnpoppen, developer is very supportive there but maybe someone from community will confirm as well.

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Thanks for the reply. I have not seen EUFY ghost ring problems for the E340 model that I want. Are the ghost rings a problem from the device itself or is it something that has to do with Homey. From what I have looked there is no better option to choose from. I have Wyze cams but they are useless in Homey.

Ghost problems seems to be related to the battery powered doorbells, like T8210

It seems to be firmware issue even it’s strange, because ring require physical push of the button, but who knows…

If you have even the Eufy base station or if you plan to purchase even some other cameras, then EUFY is clearly best choice but Eufy is making API restrictions recently, while Netatmo seems to be stable yet, no unexpected restrictions from the API yet.

Btw, I have Danalock with Danapad , based on entered access on the Danapad, I can do further automations (eg. with Heimdall) and the Danapad itself is visible on Netatmo doorbell (location, not when entering the pin) while Danalock is hidden indoors, which is fantastic.

Don’t have Yale locks similar functionality ? Maybe it’s worth to check but it depends what exactly is the use case.

I even don’t know where I do have keys :rofl:

It all started that I wanted a feature for when I come home with my hands full with bags or whatever to be able to open the door without touching my phone :stuck_out_tongue: and said that this thing with facial recognician would be something nice to play with. I live in a flat and have doors around mine. I don’t want any pin pad around :)))

Yeah, that would work, but in case of Netatmo, you might be waiting even 10secs … not sure with Eufy, all my attempts were failing (have another cams not Doorbells but somehow also the motion triggers and pictures are not always in sync) - I was planning eg. when internal cams detect my face (…kids, guests), that the Alarm will get de-activated.

But the are ferry slow at it……
The speed that Athom is updating the Netamo app is really poor.

The white noise is allready more than a year

Yes, it’s slow but this time they even ordered the doorbell to have a look and they received it just few weeks ago - so I’m positive, they will fix it. If not, we shall keep asking :wink:

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I keep my fingers cross🤞🏻

Hopefully the allso at the modulating smart thermostat, AC control and the new smart lock :innocent: