My life without Homey

Hc3 looks good for specs, but very expensive. Another problem for me is Somfy io us not supported. Somfy RTS if your good with soldering(never soldered).

An amusing story to read Marcel, thank you. Though not so amusing to experience I’d bet.
Also my biggest worry is the lack of backup and restore functionality. It is paramount Athom get this functionality in place. If for nothing else than to encourage users to upgrade their homeys in the future.
Just a thought, for your somfy RTS control, the broadlink RM pro is cheap and once setup you can just this with your new homey also
Wish you the best of luck

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Somfy RTS and Somfy io are supported without broadlink for me. I think probably because i am a Tahoma Box owner which was needed for the io protocol. Fibaro with HC2 and HC3 does not support Somfy io.

Phf, good luck.

How did you btw do the mailbox full thing? :open_mouth:

Mailbox, 1 doorsensor tk now if the mailbix has been emptied and i motion sensor when letters, papers etc are put in my mailbox