My 9 month personal review of Using a Homey - Spoiler alert -> Disapointed

That’s not a bug, just check the current task in the bottom view. Its generating map. Which is the second screenshot.

Yes, I always leave it open for some time as well. Yours does mesh obviously indeed. Im only seeing 0-1 0-2 …0-14.

(I wanted to post a screenshot, but somehow it just does not update from the first overview you mention above. Normally it does that.)

It works a lot faster with Z-wave. Its there right away. Do you know maybe why there is a difference? Or is it just like this on my Homey

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Hilarious… :rofl:

difference is the protocol, to be honest i don’t know why or what, but the z-wave map is already there, and maybe is just there, the zigbee one needs to be generated. Wouldn’t be annoyed by it.


It’s a bit like comparing apples and pears… You are aware that Xiaomi uses a self altered version of (a newer version of) the Zigbee protocol? And that it should be very obvious that an Aqara device works fine with the same brand Aqara hub? Try to add an Aqara device to a Samsung Smartthings and then compare it to Homey.
Same goes for Fibaro and Homey. Of course (almost, read the internet) all Fibaro sensors work fine with a Fibaro controller. But try to add some less branded Z-wave devices to a HC2… And then compare it to Homey…
I still think it is too easy to put all the blame on Homey alone if a device is using an altered version of a protocol.
And yes, i agree that the promised Zigbee rewrite is taking far too long. They should make it agile. One enhancement that really works at the time. Show some progress.

OK today I experienced first trouble with Aqara switch (L). It didn’t respond to commands. I realised that this router device was connected to Homey via other router device (Ikea plug). This was disconnected for a while. Obviously it couldn’t find the new way to reach Homey. But unfortunately neither after connecting Ikea plug back. Now Im in “unable to add zigbee device” situation :cry:

Edit: Zigbee reset and work from scratch was the only solution. But I have to admit, that its not so painfull as expected.

You should never ever say that something works well i guess :expressionless:

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That’s what I did when I gave up Homey… deconz and openhab. There’s a learning curve but the possibilities are endless.

And still 10 months later you’re here… Just to tell you gave up… :roll_eyes: :thinking:


I am completely happy with Homey. There’s a learning curve but the possibilities are endless. :slight_smile:

  1. Homey is getting to be very stable in the past years since the OP
  2. The more zwave+ devices you have, the better the range. I think I have 50+. I can place Homey almost anywhere I want. For devices that are at the end of the range, I programmed flows that repeat until the action was verified.
    I also use 2 hue bridges to reach 50+ hue devices. Besides 2 or 3 hue sensors that are set up,
    I have about 15 hue sensors in “not configured” mode to give Homey motion/temperature signals and control other devices.
  3. I too did the antenna fix and it helped, but I didn’t on the Homey Pro. The move to the Pro was a breeze: just a restore from the last daily cloud backup.
  4. Homey is approachable for all kinds of people: you don’t need any prior knowledge, no need for specialised technical skills. Amazing new interfaces on the web. I’m so impressed with the insights and web interfaces that I often switch from programming flows on the phone (!) to the web. Especially when my flows affect many other devices and flows.
  5. Homey performance continues to amaze me. About once in a month I pull the plug, but I admit I’m so active and changing so much that I’d do the same to a laptop if I were a programmer.
  6. None of the 21 apps get stuck. I don’t have flows to reset an app. I think it is a result of improved underlying firmware, but also the way I avoid creating timing issues when I program my flows. This requires learning, experience and some intuition as there are not many threads on the forum on how to program efficiently. But there are enough answers each time I faced an issue. Thanks to this community and excellent email support from Athom. Thanks to combination of apps I can control all my AC’s (Sensibo), pool pump/garden irrigation (Fibaro), presence (Unifi and smart presence), TVs, messaging and logging (Telegram, mobile Push), flows and triggers (Virtual Devices!), area temperature/fans (Vthermo). I can go on… Did I mention all devices in Homey can be controlled by voice with Google assistant or in Google Home? (I have no experience with Apples or Alexa).
  7. Homey is never slow. I have literally hundreds of flows. It takes me 20 times pushing to next page in the homey app, before I get to the last flow :). I have about 30 countdown timers.
  8. Other great things about Homey: it allows you to name flows, folders, sub folders etc to organise your devices, your flows. I can solve an issue in minutes. Zone activity helps a lot to limit and control zones with motion sensors and other triggers.
  9. Yes, I love to tinker and make flows that probably nobody needs. Even so, I believe automations always require improvements, corrections, etc. But once you have enough experience, Homey allows you to set and forget.
  10. Yes, I recognise some of your problems. They are solvable or you can overcome them. Up to you.

Have to say my experience pretty much matches yours. Chromecast is the last problematic app for me. Lke you I have 2 hue bridges and Homey makes control of the more than 70 lights very easy

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I agree. Wast of good money. I have contacted suppport several time. Lots of devices that are “supported” dont really work. Support says. Need to update while everything is already the latest version. Claim it is your fault. While they miss a big chance to improve their product.
Some device work great thow. But some dont.
Quality over all. App poor. Web interface also poor. Support bad.
I even wo,ld recommend turning auto updates off.

Burn it and throw it in a deep hole I’d say.