MQTT Broker needs restart after network outage


I really love homey and the MQTT broker. I use MQTT to control my sonoff devices with tasmota firmware.

Recently I noticed that after a network outage (my internet connection has not been very stable) that MQTT does not function when the network becomes operational again.

A reboot of homey is needed (maybe a restart of the MQTT broker is enough, haven’t tested that).

Does anyone else have the same issue, or a solution?

My Homey and all Apps are up to date.



Try the test version of the hub MQTT Hub | Homey and the client MQTT Client | Homey
They both have fixes to connect more easy. If you don’t succeed in restarting in one go. Disable broker, client and hub and restart in same order.
See MQTT Hub/Gateway - #808 by robertklep for some details.