Movement trigger available for Dahua camera, but not for a Foscam camera

When making a flow, I can choose by “When” for a card “movement video” with my Dahau Camera (Imou Bullet).

For Foscam (R4) there is only a “when”-card “Snapshot is made” available.

Can anybody tell me why that is and if there is a possibility to trigger a flow with “video movement” from the Foscam Camera?

Two different brands, different apps and different developers. Perhaps the Foscam camera’s don’t have an API that allows triggering on motion detection.

According to the Foscam app, you can contact their support team at

I will send them a mail. Thanks for your quick reply!

I know Foscam don’t support motion via ONVIF. When I requested it they said it’s not possible as the camera does not process the motion, it is done by the app. I’m not sure I believe them as that would mean the video would have to be streamed to the app constantly, which I think is unlikely.
My feeling is they just wanted me to go away.

This is their reply:

Hi Adrian,

Thank uo for getting in touch, unfortunately motion detection will not work through ONVIF and this is common with most manufacturer.

Usually the basics work like live viewing and recording but anything else extra like motion which is software based may not.

Kind Regards

Foscam UK

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your response. I agree it’s unlikely the motion detection is done by the app. It’s a pitty that Foscam is not taking this serieus; I think the camera (R4 and R4M) are good quality with a good price. Because of the motion detection is not available, the camere is useless.
I bought the Imou Bullet for outside, and it’s working great! I’m now considering buying the IMOU IPC-A46ZP, but I’m not sure this camera can do the same (Should be the same API I guesss)?
I will open a new topic for camera’s that works with Homey. Maybe we can help eachother selecting the right camera.

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Sharing Camera Experience with Homey

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