Making Homey buy 'supplies'

Hi all,

This is probably, a long shot but let’s try to see where we’d end up :slight_smile:

I recently got a new dishwasher with smart capabilities. One of those is that you can enter the amount of tabs and it will track these and eventually ask you if you’d like to order new ones.

Now, I liked that and wanted to replicate this for my washing machine.
The first bit was easy.

Creating a new variable “number of pods” and setting the current value.
Next, I’ve created a new flow that subtracts 1 every time the machine is done. (I already had this flow to notify me so I could easily connect this.

The flow now ends with a push message, which is okay. But I’d like to push this a bit further.

So, the tricky part is here. I could let Homey send a Webhook to ie and let do an API call to a store. (I have yet to find a store that sells washing pods through API to consumers but that is my last hurdle)

I’m just curious to see if our collective minds would come up with a potentially better solution.

If you have an Alexa device you can use the Homey Amazon Alexa app to connect to it. That allows you to run an Alexa routine there.

I’ve not used mine for ordering but this document says you can order and reorder by voice - in the UK, at least. You can use an Alexa routine to execute any instruction that you can make by voice - I don’t know if that entails a follow-up confirmation, or not, but that might be an issue.

Anyhow, if you already have an Alexa and you’re OK with Amazon prices for your tabs, you could give it a go just using Alexa routines to start with, and connecting them to Homey later.


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That is pretty cool! I was not aware that Alexa could do this!

I’ve got a Sonos, with supports Alexa. So I will check if that would work.

If picnic delivers in your neighborhood, you can use the picnic app.

And put washing machine pods in the recipe in the app settings


Whut! Picnic has an API.

That is really cool!