Love and hate my Homey - this should be fixed asap

Again have you tested?
A triggered Flow renamed still works triggered from a First calling flow, also after renaming the called flow. Only thing again is the name showed in the calling flow is the old pre-renamed Flow name.

but please report the issues you find and can easily reproduce to Athom support, “Normal” users can think of test cases some Devs easily forget.


I tested the renaming of a called flow, , @Dijker is right, I didn’t know that the called flow still works after renaming it. THX

Same here - very confusing they are not renamed where they are used - that they still uses their old names.

The missing renaming is obviously a bug.

I have reported the bug that renaming flows doesn’t update in the flows that uses the renamed flow and here is their response:

Thank you for reporting this issue, and our apologies for your inconvenience!

This issue is already reported by other users and has been forwarded to our Development Team in the past.

Unfortunately it has been impossible to resolve this issue for now.

Please look at the flow folders. It is there already.

They definitely look at other fruit but I doubt they will create a multiple if/then/else flow.
Athom aims at non IT educated users first and making a flow variant that consists of two nested (same) objects makes it maybe for some advanced users a little bit more structured but afaik you can do the same now but only need to keep your flows organized.

Beside that Athom doesn’t do “If/Then/Else” but uses When… And… (or…) then… (else…)

With many AND options and max 2 OR operators.

Agile as they started and innovate they even stared without the OR and ELSE options.
Both options where added after a couple of months in the kickstarter period. A little bit nostalgie… So although I don’t expect this option you never know.

Homey could fix that with an “Advanced user” setting in the Homey Pro. Advanced user should be able to do more “advanced flows” (multiple if/then/else etc.) and other advanced stuff. I would MUCH mor prefer multiple if/then/else (or select case) than multiple flows. One flow one task! :slight_smile:


Not going to happen though, those regular people will also enable the setting and then end up with questions why their idea doesn’t work, or how it works and thus end up in Athom’s support channel.
Some people already have difficulty with the current flows.

The current way on how they display the flows (/how you create them) will also get really bad, really fast (overview wise), it is way too bulky for that unless you have a 40+ inch screen on 4K resolution. (and haven’t seen that many 40 inch smart phones around).
So a new display way should also be implemented then.

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The same happens with logic/variables.
If you change the name, the name doesn’t change in WHEN, only in AND and THEN.
But it does work as pointed out earlier.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve never changed variables nor flow names and I had some messed up names.

If Apple Shortcuts can figure out how to have multiple if/then/else, surely Homey could too. Users on Homey are not “dummere” than users on Apple. :wink:

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