Logging to spreadsheet - best strategy


I’ve been using IFTTT to log from the BMW App(brilliant app btw) but as I understand it the IFTTT app will stop shortly.

So wanted to check how what your best strategy is for logging, I wish to log about 5-10 parameters several times a day to an spreadsheet (or csv) that is stored outside the Homey space (Google drive, Onedrive, Dropbox etc). I’ve tried SimpleLog but it seems to crash every time I’'m exporting + it mixes all logs in one spreadsheet.

Any suggestions or ideas?


Search for ‘insights’ and ‘export’ in the app store, maybe there’s something useful.

Thanks, for your suggestion.

However It seems I can get to the data I want to expose, what I need to log is not exported and some i need to export it at a certain time/date (i.e. when i drive is finished i want to log mileage but also start address and end address and a few other things).

Been looking for if I could create my own datapoints/diagrams in Insights and select what type of diagrams I would like but so far no luck.

All NumVars are available in Insights

So, if you somehow can create numeric data from Bool or String data, it’s a start.


Should be able to do something with it…need to figure out how make it into something that makes sense though. Will dive a little deeper, again thanks!