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I’m using my Homey for around a week now. I’ve set up a security system and I use the location of our phones to turn the alarm on/off. However, I’ve yet to experience that Homey is in time with turning the alarm on/off. Most of the time I’m away for hours before it gets noticed or I’m at home for hours before it detects I’m home. First I thought it was my phone, but others in my household have the same problem.

I searched on this forum and after reading some topics I think most people find Homey’s geofencing garbage. Someone suggested Life360 but looking in the Life360 topic a lot of people seem to have problems with it.

Which app would you recommend to trigger flows based on your location?

For the past year this one has been working without a fault for me and a bunch of other people I know:

Try smarterpresence app. Its based on IP of connected phones, but it works rock solid for me.

Thanks for the replies.

Looking at the link, IOS Presence seems to be available for iOS only. We mainly have Android devices, so I guess that’s not going to work?

I was looking into the smarterpresence app, but I’m not sure if this would work since I have no usable wifi in the back of my garden and switch to 4G because of that. I think that would trigger to activate the alarm? Option could be making sure that I have WiFi there, but that’s not really a short term solution.

I have since a half a year (due to the discontinuation of the Tado presence service) the following Android Geofencing apps running in my family: Macrodroid, Olisto and EgiGeozone.
They all do the trick, if you put some effort to remove the apps from battery optimisation grant the rights to access google location services). They all use the Get request command to send a message to Homey which you have to include in a webhook flow.
See Tado Thuis/Afwezig na update and the locative manual how to set this up.

The life360 app is 100% reliable overhere

great app, Life360 and idd reliable

great app it works fine for me.

Thanks for all the replies! I installed the Life360 app on all phones and on my Homey Pro. I put the refresh rate on once a minute. However, when I look at the ‘stats’ it’s all empty so far for all devices. Already tried re-installing the app on Homey but the problem keeps existing.

Am I missing something?

Edit: just checked within a flow and it also doesn’t seem to have the location available that I created in the Life360 app.

Did you put notifications on?

I guess it just needed some time to get started. Without changing anything it all of the sudden works and regularly updates. Thanks for the help

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So after using Life360 for more than a month, it suddenly doesn’t update any of the devices within our family. The last update for every device was 10 days ago. Do you guys have any idea how I can make sure that Homey receives updates again? Within the Life360 app we can all see eachother’s correct location.