Lights "auto-dim"

All lightsources in my house seem to "auto-dim* at what appears to be random times. Some times they do okay for days (or even wheeks), and then suddenly a couple of times within minutes.

I then readjust all lightsources to ie 75%, only to see them dial down to maybe 10%.

At first, I suspected an IKEA-hub to interfere, but behaviour is unchanged after this has been removed.

Setup now only consists of the Homey Pro and a HUE hub, with a mix of HUE and IKEA lightsources.

Any ideas?

Have you checked the timeline of the devices?

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When lights are dimmed only, the timeline just shows the brand or app name.
(Not sure if that’s improved by Athom in the meantime.)

Do you use log cards on every flow?

With Homey turned off, does it still occur?

Only happens when Homey is online and not when the HUE bridge is ‘home alone’.

I want to suggest to contact
Because it’s possible send a Homey diag report to them along with creating a ticket, who knows some developer can dig up some info from the report about what’s going on.