LG WebOS better integration

I wasn’t aware that Athom updated their own app. Sadly, it still uses only infrared to turn the TV on, which is not an option for me. Since I don’t feel like waiting for Athom to ever implement this I will continue developing my own app. So to use the ‘on’ feature of my app your tv needs be connect via cable. As stated before, I might add IR support in the feature.

My apologies for being a bit absent lately, you know, holidays, work, and live in general… A quick little update on my side, as of today (not you pushed to Github yet) I have my TV status working solid! Side note, I put a delay of at least 2 minutes before polling for the current state of the tv. This seemed to do the trick for me locally. This means there is a delay before Homey has the latest state of your tv if you turned it on/off via remote. On/off inside Homey and it is pretty much instant.

To make things even better, I finally got the freaking on/off triggers working! So I will probably release a beta version of my app on GitHub in the next month or so. Got to polish some stuff and maybe add some extra triggers for the first release.


Things progressed pretty good today so I decided to make a first release v1.0.0. I have not come across any major issue so far. Current features are

  • On/Off via WOL
  • Change volume
  • Up/Down Channel
  • Up/Down Volume

Flow Triggers

  • On/Off
  • Volume Changes

Flow Conditions

  • TV is on/off

Flow Actions

  • Turn On/Off/Toggle
  • Change volume to
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Channel Up/Down
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Open app or change input (This provides a list of all apps and inputs on your TV. TV MUST be turned on when creating the action)
  • Simulate a button (This makes it possible to create a flow on your TV to e.g. turn the energy saving mode to ‘screen off’. You need to work with delays though!)

For example, this is my simulation for change the energy saving mode to screen off. (It’s in dutch but you’ll get the point)

You can find the release here https://github.com/MaxvandeLaar/homey-webos-plus/releases/tag/v1.0.0

Please let me know if any issues occur! Remember no IR is used at all.


Hey. Great news. In the evening I’ll test your application, I’ll definitely tell you the results. But somehow Athom still can not finally make its own plugin. I have this question, since you understand this: from the native Athom plug-in, the TV in google home got like a normal on / off switch. If you already consider your plugin as an alternative, is it possible to add a full-fledged TV to google home with the possibility of further control using a voice assistant? Unfortunately, I can’t add a TV through LG ThinQ because 2017 TVs are not supported.

You can create a virtual device in homey and use a flow to turn the tv on off base on that virtual device. You can then use voice assistants to control that virtual device…

Thank you for the hint, but now everything is exactly so implemented for me))). So I implemented everything through virtual devices and flow. But I want a more competent approach, so that the device integrates fully, for example, as an air conditioner, immediately gets into google home and is initially controlled by a voice assistant without any problems, or xiaomi lamps that with homey got into google home perfectly with brightness and color controls.

I have not considered this yet as I just created the basics for the Homey App. I will first develop this app further and when I am pleased with the results I might look into writing an app for Google Home.

This LG app is however not the only app I am writing for Homey as I desperately want a PS4 app as well. So to be honest, creating a Google Home app is a low priority for me at the moment. But who knows :wink:

And what can Homey take from the PS4? You can turn it on and off via HDMI CEC. It’s only 6 that you get the status of the prefix itself, but here I do not see the application, unfortunately. I am interested, because I myself have a prefix and I would like to know future potential opportunities. Thanks!!!

I want to be able to detect if the ps4 is turned on/off and it is possible to start apps on the PS4 as well. Thus creating a flow that turns on ps4 with tv, lights and correct game/spotify or whatever. I had this sorta up and running in openHab but need to convert it in a Homey app. And I want my homey to be my central hub so I can connect all my devices to google home and homekit without the need to create all sorts of apps for different hubs. But I will create a topic for that when the time is right :wink:


Hey. The application installed normally. There were problems adding a new device. The application cannot be verified from the application. There is an error in the application itself. I attach all the photos.

Try running npm install before installing it on your homey. It looks like it’s not installing the dependencies.

Hi installed through NPM INSTALL, but unfortunately all the same errors. When you add a TV, it is added to the TV’s icon and then the download status, as if looking for something, then shows an exclamation mark, and then again looking for something. The TV itself, after adding to Homey, does not offer to create a connection with the application.

@MaxvandeLaar Hi,
Same problem like @Evgeny_Grin here, can you please look into this, i would like to use your app.

Hi @Tolga, I debugged this in a private chat with @Evgeny_Grin. It appeared to be an issue on his side where the dependencies wouldn’t install. If you get a message that some package could not be found… please check if you ran npm install before installing it on your homey and that the node_module folder is created and has content. If this is the case and it still isn’t working, please contact me in a pm so we don’t spam this topic :wink:

Very promising this app. So far my TV integration only uses the notification from the standard LG app. So getting a complete set of features is very much on my wish list also.

@MaxvandeLaar if you need developer help I can help you work out some stuff, although a bit late to the party since you seem to have solved your card issues.

@Kaoh, so the next enhancements on my list will contain adding flow actions to change channel and send toast message to the tv. Maybe add some flow conditions as well, if possible (need to check). If you, or someone else, has any other suggestions, please feel free to send in a feature request here https://github.com/MaxvandeLaar/homey-webos-plus (just create an issue). I prefer to have issues, features etc… located here so it is easier for me to find everything. :slight_smile:

Hey, great work! Any future plans on getting this up on the app store?

@Ole_K Yes, when I feel the app has enough features and is stable enough to support most use cases.


@Ole_K @Tolga @Kaoh @Evgeny_Grin and everyone else,

Quick update to all of you, I just published my app to homey so fingers crossed

I added a bunch of new features to my app and I feel these should cover most of everyones needs.


+1+1+1+1 Great News. Big Thanks @MaxvandeLaar