LEARN A NEW SKILL: contribute to open source software by translating the app Power By The Hour

Just make sure to first fetch the new source code before changing anything. (Fetch upstream button on Github)

I will also have to test the translation again when the app is released with the new language. I guess only then you can really check if the translations, the terms really make sense or not.
I hope that corrections can possibly be made after the release, @Gruijter?

Definitely! As stated above first make sure your copy is in sync with the latest main code by doing fetch upstream. Then you can repeat all steps as before and push the changes back.

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@sebyldino Thanks 4 translating to French! If you need help you can ask here.

Italian :it: translation completed! :wink:

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Super! I will try to get a test release out today with the finished languages so far.

version 4.4.4 is released as test: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added translations for German, Swedish and Italian

@Alessandro_Rossi @fantross @Teddy Many thanks for your hard work!! :partying_face:

Can you please install this version and check if the translations are ok. Please also check if the text fits (not too long) in both the mobile app, and in my.homey.app

If you need to change anything, please first do a Fetch Upstream before starting to edit.
Your fork should be 0 commits behind master.

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I checked all the texts and they seem to be ok (translation and length) both in mobile and web app.
I remain at disposal if you need further help for italian :it: translations :wink:

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For this I have to create a PR within my fork!? And it’s still 7 commits behind your master branch. So I don’t know what to do, sorry.
Btw, make it sense to fetch the complete code/branch? I know that it’s also possible to edit single files and make a PR only for this file.

Problem with that is that multiple people are working on the same file(s) when translating. There is probably a very clever way to do this. But I Im new to this github workflow too :sweat_smile:.

If all else fails you can always fully delete your own fork (repository) and then re-fork again from my master.

Ok, I deleted my fork… :hot_face:

How does PBTH work when generating electricity with a PV system? Must be also a “Power Summarizer” device used?
I ask because of the terminology related to information in the app/device.

Yes, that is also via a power summarizer

I think you have to create a pull request in your repo (your fork). This should take over all changes of the parent repo into yours. That’s the other direction you normally use when you create a pull request in the other repo to push your changes to the “parent”.

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Technical detail: The device must have this option:

“capabilities”: [“measure_power”],
“energy”: {
“cumulative”: true

I did, but I don’t know how to check and release the PR, so resolve the “conflicts” as it is called on the GitHub help page.
However, in the meantime I deleted my fork and created a new, up-to-date fork.

It’s good to know. But what I want is a meaningful German translation… :wink:

What’s missing? Still “Power Summarizer”?
I would say “Stromzähler” for energy or just “Zähler” for “Summarizer” as generic word for all types (energy, water…).



This is a good suggestion… :+1:t3:

Installed test. I am going to make some changes that i have identified need yo be fixed for the swedish translation. Going to have a look on it this evening.

// Ted

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This turned out good i think. About to turn on my computer and have a go at doing som corrections.

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OK Robin … you have a pull request waiting for you. And i think i am happy with the swedish translation with those corrections. It looks like it should everything i have looked at :slight_smile: