LEARN A NEW SKILL: contribute to open source software by translating the app Power By The Hour

Installed test. I am going to make some changes that i have identified need yo be fixed for the swedish translation. Going to have a look on it this evening.

// Ted

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This turned out good i think. About to turn on my computer and have a go at doing som corrections.

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OK Robin … you have a pull request waiting for you. And i think i am happy with the swedish translation with those corrections. It looks like it should everything i have looked at :slight_smile:

Good job! Ill check it tonight.

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Saw fantross fixed my country code error in the App.json file in his new pull req. :slight_smile: One small problem i didnt have to fix myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Also Norwegian is now added. Many Thx @Kai_Engvik :partying_face:

version 4.4.6 is released as test: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added translations for German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • Added AND cards.
  • Added weekend markup for DAP.
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I released it last night:

Here I mention the new files that you need to doublecheck:

v 4.4.7 is released for testing. It has some updates to the German (@fantross) and Norwegian (@Kai_Engvik) translations. :partying_face:

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@Yestond @sebyldino How are things going on your end? Do you need help with anything?

Hello, i’m working on the driver.compose.json files. The weekend was very busy, i think I’ll be done soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


No! i missed flow folders!
Working on…

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Ok it’s good this time!

Super, well done @sebyldino !

You can install the new version with French from here: Power by the Hour | Homey

Please test and make adjustments if needed.

I’ll likely get it done tonight. Sorry for the delay

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Ni worries, as long as you are still working on it :kissing_heart:

But pls make sure your fork is in full sync with my master. So if you created the fork before yesterday, best to delete your fork completely and create a new fork.

Finally got the Danish translation down @Gruijter
Thanks for the awesome app and I really apologize the late contribution :frowning:

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Well done @Yestond ! I will release it aomewhere next week.

@Jacek has volunteered for the Polish translation :partying_face:

Welcome All - happy to join.
25 years in IT industry (Data Center and Networks) should help with vocabulary. Any comments - let me know. Reading through the thread to see “what and how” :slight_smile:


In progress. Shall finish tomorrow. Then I need to see it in app and see if it makes sense / some tuning is needed / :slight_smile:

Currently on /flow/actions step…

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