Jinko Solar


is there an app for Jinko solar to use on Homey pro?


Did you try searching the app store?

yep… did find anything, is there any plan to create one or do i need to request the app with Homey dev. team?

Did you try searching the forum? (are you beginning to see the pattern here?)

App requests should be posted here, Athom does not take app requests.

i always search for forum before posting a new post. i could find anything till i post mine.

That could have been a clue :wink:

i get you. but i didnt know that i need to request the app on this forum, thanks for that.
do you know, if is it possible to create an app? im asking you because you are pro on this forum :wink:

Yes, that’s possible: https://apps.developer.homey.app/