Jaguar app for homey, how difficult would it be?

Hi All,

I’m getting a Jaguar I-Pace next week, the car is internet connected and controllable by the Jaguar apps. But…, I want to control it with Homey and there is no app… yet.

I did find someone who wrote a Python 3 library (, but also the (unofficial) reverse engineerd Jaguar API is available (

Now if I understand correctly Homey can run Python3 scripts? So I should be able to “import” that python3 library to a Homey app structure? Or would you advise rewriting it to HomeyScript?

I never made any Homey app before, but I do develop for a living (C#, Javascript). If you take a look at what is available, would you feel like this would still be a huge amount of work? Or would an experienced Homey app builder create this in a day?

Also, should I ask Athom first if they would allow this app? It’s based upon an unofficial reverse engineered Jaguar API.

No, Homey runs Javascript apps/code, so you’d have to implement a JS module based on the Python code. Alternatively, there’s a Homebridge plugin that you could use as a starting point.

It looks like a relatively straightforward API, so I don’t think it’s a huge amount of work.

I don’t think Athom will be bothered much by that, there are other apps (Tuya, Sonoff, Nefit) that use unofficial API’s. At least in NL, reverse engineering is allowed by law.

Did you figure this out?

No, sorry, I didn’t miss it enough to bother building a homey integration. Downloaded WattApp, way better than the jaguar apps and it can stop my charging at a given percentage, I can quickly check it’s load state, etc. It’s also third party so there should be a solid API.

I don’t even know if the IPace can also return power so we can use it as a home battery, if that is possible I do see more need for homey integration in the future.