Jaguar app for homey, how difficult would it be?

Hi All,

I’m getting a Jaguar I-Pace next week, the car is internet connected and controllable by the Jaguar apps. But…, I want to control it with Homey and there is no app… yet.

I did find someone who wrote a Python 3 library (, but also the (unofficial) reverse engineerd Jaguar API is available (

Now if I understand correctly Homey can run Python3 scripts? So I should be able to “import” that python3 library to a Homey app structure? Or would you advise rewriting it to HomeyScript?

I never made any Homey app before, but I do develop for a living (C#, Javascript). If you take a look at what is available, would you feel like this would still be a huge amount of work? Or would an experienced Homey app builder create this in a day?

Also, should I ask Athom first if they would allow this app? It’s based upon an unofficial reverse engineered Jaguar API.

No, Homey runs Javascript apps/code, so you’d have to implement a JS module based on the Python code. Alternatively, there’s a Homebridge plugin that you could use as a starting point.

It looks like a relatively straightforward API, so I don’t think it’s a huge amount of work.

I don’t think Athom will be bothered much by that, there are other apps (Tuya, Sonoff, Nefit) that use unofficial API’s. At least in NL, reverse engineering is allowed by law.