Is there an app for Chacon wifi switch type SW6201

Please inform me about the best Homey app for this device.

Hello @Martin_van_Heun and welcome to the forum.

As you could see in the app store there is indeed no app for this brand.

If you did a little search on the forum there just a few topic about this brand, and in one off them they are get a chacon device working with the klik aan klik uit app. Maybe you could try that also.

If you want a app for it you can do a request in a special topic for that. " communty app request"

Ofcourse you could try to build it yourself, but dont know if you can.

All you can find by using the search function.

Good luck en again welcome

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OK, thanks. But this klikaanklikuit app is not a wifi type…

Ahh missed the wifi point, the you would need a app for.