Integration with Worx Landroid mowers

Could you PM me last piece of log? Like to check if any strange things…it is available in the app under log tab…

Thanks for helping out…

An update will be online soon, some models are not providing all data expected, which leads to errors in status updates.

Have been waiting long for this! :slight_smile: Donation is coming your way. :wink:
Installed and successfully added a Landroid.

However there are just a few triggers available:
Turned on
Turned off
Battery greater than…
Battery less than…
Battery changes

Would it be possible to add triggers for the different errors?


You should be able to add a trigger (not condition yet) and select any status or error. When you select a trigger, select worx app, and it should show…

Martin Verbeek

These are my triggers
Only the ones I listed above. :-/

Seems like only the Homey default actions are available for my Landroid S WR130E…

You should see this before you select your mower

Martin Verbeek

Ah, now I see it. I had to select the app, and not the device itself. :+1:t2: Thanks. :slight_smile:

Great! There will be some issues in this release, 2.0.0 will be released soon.

Martin Verbeek

Sending a big thank you for the integration! I wonder if there will be a possibility to start the “only cut edges” action in future.


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Testing it now, should be in next update.

Edgecut is available in the current release.

I just ordered this mower because you made this app, Martin! Thanks in advance! I’ll be testing it soon.

Does the app really listen on status code changes? I created a flow which should start a countdown when the status is “mowing”. As it did not fire I was afraid, that “mowing” could be considered as a time range, so I changed the trigger to “starting”. But unfortunately it never fired. I am using the latest version of your app.

What should I select? The countdown should start at the moment the mower starts mowing by schedule or after I rescued it after an error code.


I am very happy that you integrated that option. Thank you very much! :beers:

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It should, will check it again.

Found an issue in the code, it will be fixed in next update.

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Great, thanks a lot for your effort! Looking forward to see my flow working then.

You could try the following…

Trigger with any status, condition with the status you need. The condition card might work as it uses different logic.

Just connected the Landroid to my Homey! This works flawless! I still need to install the perimeter wire, so I can’t further test it yet. Great experience so far.