Integration of Jung Home | Bluetooth Mesh System

Hello, I am new to the community. I tried to find an answer online, but couldn’t. So please excuse if there is something available already and I overlooked.

We want to implement a smart home hub to steer the Jung Home actors (blinds, lights, plugs) that are based on a bluetooth mash system /

Is that possible with homey?

Thank you for your help

There is no App for Jung Home, but they use KNX and there is a KNX App for Homey. Unfortunately I do not have any additional requirements from Jung or Homey to be usable.
Probably you can ask the Athom support as described in the KNX App.

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

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@DirkH, Jung Home seems to use Bluetooth only, so I guess KNX will not work at all.

@JW_Dus, have you already checked the website of JH? This is what I found:

A Homey Pro may also be able to communicate with the Jung Home devices directly or via the Jung Home control center. But as Dirk has already mentioned, a corresponding Homey app is required for this.
You can make an official request here, but there is no guarantee that an app will ever be developed for Jung Home.