In doubt, does it help Athom if I use experimental VD


I’m quite happily using Virtual Devices from the Virtual Devices app.
Going through the app, I ‘discovered’ the experimental settings.

As the Homey VD solution does what I use the VD app for, I could use the Homey VD.

Now I’m in doubt to do that.
If it actually will help Athom with their development, I am surely willing to experiment.
If there is quite a good change that Athom will drop their Native support for VD, I would probably not change the existing VD devices from the App to the Homey VD.

Anybody else has some thoughts about this?

I don’t think support for the experimental Virtual Devices will be dropped, I guess they will be extended.

The Virtual Devices App was created because there was a need for it. Athom acknowledged that by making (limited) build-in Virtual Devices. Labeling it experimental makes it easy for them to not (yet) support everything that the Virtual Devices App supports, kinda like why Gmail was in Beta for 1000 years :wink: