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Hi I want to Ask if it is possible to upload the app from Stihl robot mower?

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What do you mean by ‘to upload the app’? Do you mean you actually have built an app? Or do you mean DL from github and publish it to the community store? or just to do a cli installation?

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Hi Ruud, I’d first remove my mobile phone number, don’t think it is a great idea to put this on public forum.

Is there already an app for it? I guess not. If it is not there, you can request an app through this forum if you find the appropriate thread.

You can also send an support enquiry to Athom to see if they are working on it.


msg removed and informed user

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Goedemorgen Martijn, dank je voor je bericht. Ik zal een ondersteuningsverzoek naar Athom sturen om te zien of ze eraan werken.

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