IFTTT event name?

Hi all,

quite new user, have added most of the devices in my home, lights, robots, home appliances etc.
Now I’ve connected the garage door to IFTTT with applets, works fine with the IFTTT app, however
when I try to run it through Homey “Run Applet” it does not recognize the event name. I’ve tried the
event name, IFTTT original ID and my own version ID. Just made a random When “Time is”, no And,
and Then “Run Applet” to test - no success. Much obliged for any help. Thanks in advance Baaz

It sounds like you try to start an applet using a name you somehow created in IFTTT? It works the other way around. You invent a name in Homey, and if you give it some time to sync, you will be able to pick that name inside the Homey applet in IFTTT.

Heureka! Thanks Edwin! now I get it. Works perfect.