Humidity stopped reporting

After an update (can’t remember when) my humidity sensor stopped working.
Does any of u have the same issue?


The problem must be caused by Homey because this is a really good and reliable wood moisture meter produced in Germany. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fixing the problems:
– use new battery

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Did you change the battery already? Or maybe the button is stuck or defective?


You should measure the battery :battery:

I know someone who always says in Dutch

meten is weten

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Think you should try in the German category here.

And to return to the wooden version of Homey
It is a holzfeuchtemessgerät.

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Oh no! You didn’t press the white button on the top left did you? You should NEVER push the white button!

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Ow wauw, didn’t know that!

I was just kidding. After you replaced the battery by one that jou measured(!) to me more than 3V you should hear a tapping sound from the wood panel every minute or so. If you hear that then the sensor is just fine.
Place it close to Homey (no walls or sound-insulating panels inbetween). If it then still does not update in Homey you should probably do a full morse-code-reset in Homey on the developer page:

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On December 1, 2021 Homey support for morse-code will end

At the very beginning we at Athom shared our dream with you of a fully automated home powered my morse-code technology. However, though the dream remained, and Homey tapped away merrily ever since, more and more of our users went on to newer technologies such as RS232.

It is with pain in out heart that we therefore have to announce our morse-code support end of life. Luckily, most devices since received an update to support RS232, so all users are advised to pair their devices serially before December 1st.

Unfortunately, some devices from K.P. Mundinger G.m.b.H., most notably their holzfeuchtemessgeräte with types HMA through HMK did did not receive the RS232 upgrade. We are very sorry for customers who still own these devices. They are advised to upgrade their sensors to model HML or higher.

Happy automating,



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Please provide for more detailed info:


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