Hubitat C7 replacing Homey

Nope, not if it’s available on your router. It’s inbound. You connect to your router and then you can make use of all your in-house (not reachable via internet) devices.

I use it sometimes to connect to my NAS.

No, only a VPN client to connect to your home network. Most OS’es have built-in VPN clients nowadays.

Thank you for your replies. I will check this and maybe another point goes to HE. Nevertheless, the built in and free availability for Homey over the internet is a plus, at least for lambda users.

"device design side Homey wins 10:2
interface design, Homey wins 10:2
ease of use is also in favour of Homey with 10:5
HE wins clearly the Z-Wave range contest with 10:2.
The reliability goes also to HE with 10:8.
HE wins the power of automation with 10:1
dashboard in HE is usable but that’s all. There are alternatives out, but they are mostly online and not local. Here Homey wins 10:5.
local the access from the outside is a pay-service. Even if it costs only 2,5€ per month, Homey wins 10:0. "

Homey: 61
HE: 44

Even if u would give HE 10 here and Homey 0 then it’s still 61 for Homey, 54 for HE.


Hey, this isn’t a contest. Both have strength and pitfalls. Some may chose Homey or HE just because one or two points are more important to them as the other points. Summing points up is easy, but may not result in the best choice.

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Ok. But then give me one good reason to stay on one community forum just to tell u chose for the other. Really, I don’t get that. This is a community forum for and by Homey users. What is the fun to send ur Homey back, go to Hubitat and stay here to just tell Hubitat is a better choice for u?

I didn’t start this thread so why do you focus on me ? Someone told me that the perfect system does not exist and that most people use a mix of systems. I jut trace a way and maybe some Homey developers or community developers will take a look at HE and just try to implement the things that may be better as on Homey. One example is Home Assistant. Some love HA but it does not natively handle Z-Wave. Instead of using an USB stick, you can use HE with an app or plugin to connect both. When you read my thread, I like Homey and there are parts of Homey that I’m missing. I don’t invite people that are satisfied to change, no, I even tell them to stay. We all on this post want to contribute. No system get’s better without a competitor. And every competitor has one or more things that are better and that may be worth to be copied and installed. Maybe I buy a new Homey, one day…
And naturally, we are all a large community of people loving to automate their home. So if someone is absolutely not satisfied with Homey, HE will be an alternative, one of many others.


That’s because HA is software, not hardware.

Absolutely. I have it running on a Pi4 and that’s why you need some hardware. I don’t know if it can be bridged with Homey, but it can in both directions with HE.

True, but even if you kit out an RPi4 with Z-Wave and Zigbee to run HA it’ll still be cheaper than a C7.

Not sure A C7 costs 129$ and you can get it for about 120€ in online shops. A good Z-Wave and Zigbee Sticks may be more expensive. I use it only the other way to include some rare devices like my printer that is seen by HA into HE.

As you can see, both hub have pros and cons and are suitable for different type of users. E.g. I wouldnt recommend HE for home automation begginer, where Homey rules and can offer almost everything. Similary I wouldnt recommend Homey to someone, who wants to be fully cloud/internet connection independent etc.
I was missing such a comparision when I was deciding which hub to choose, thats why I share my experience (I did the same on HE forums).

I am going the other way around - switching from HE to Homey as I do not have the time to invest in learning how to implement my different devices onto HE.

I ordered my Homey Pro yesterday with no idea of when it will be delivered… but more importantly is Homey Pro is advertised as able to work without an internet connection and yet I see comments here pointing out that it doesn’t!?
Could someone please tell me whether Homey Pro would or would not work if my home connection dropped as that was a deciding factor when picking my hub of choice?

Thanks in advance for your help

Yes it works without internet but…

  • all automation/flows works without internet
  • app to manualy controll devices works untill it runs in background. Once you need to reopen it, it need to authenticate against server and you are done.
  • dashboard over the homeydash doesnt work, unless you have it running on local server.

So answer is yes and no, depending on how you use your home automation.

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Pls read

it needs updating and retesting (especially testing with a Mobile App connected local to WiFi without Internet.)

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Thank you both for such prompt answers, it gives me peace of mind to see such an active community.

I want to install automated security shutters through a zigbee relee module on my front door and I am/was just worried that if internet dropped I will not be able to enter my own house.

I would consider some kind of failsafe system for internet, homey and power failures in that usecase. Homey can have it’s hickups sometimes.

Hubitat and Hue, how is the integration? how is that integration done?

I have Homey and Hue hubs (2) at home, and SmartThings and hue hub (1) at cottage. I’m fed up with SmartThings because that is super slow, and it is not able to use light scenes from hue. And I need to select to connect motion sensor to Hue, or Smartthings. It can not be connected to both same time.

Why this is annoying is that I have different modes e.g. Sauna, when it puts motion sensors off, and puts certain comfortable lighting in sauna, bathroom, closing room, terrace and Spa next to it. … But… lights go on like in SmartThings like in “Chinese system”… one by one, even with 2 second intervals… It looks no-smart to me. Was wondering does Hubitat have same problem with Hue? is that able to use all friends of hue switches, light scenes, hue dimmers, 3rd party lamps etc.?

Homey does this perfectly, And fast internet everywhere so this is not network cutting is not a challenge here in Finland. In Homey, have custom functions to e.g. Hue dimmers / friends of hue switches to add more functions to buttons… to make life more fun. Like TV night to open ambilight televisions to desired app together with lights and speakers and paint ceiling/walls with ambihue (picture sync).

More, reason why I asked Hubitat is that I have Smartthings integrated cameras and alarm system (Home Monitoring) with custom modes there. I have old apple tablet on a wall integration as a media device to play music, and as a lovely dashboard for smartthings (sensors, weather, lights, temperatures etch.)… dashboard has also version for phone… so e.g. grandparents have main commands easily available when they go there. Unfortunately cameras and dashboard are not possible in Homey yet… and have kept Smartthings there. But this Hue integration is something I’d like to improve and the slowness of Smartthings. And Hubitat has “connection” to SmartThings, and people have said that its fast. Would like to hear more if someone has any knowledge on topics I raised. And how is the performance, how many devices (I have z-wave and zigbee). Automations it seems to handle nicely based on comments : )

Addition: sorry for long messages

Landed here as considering a Hubitat for ZigBee devices which I’ve never been able to get working in adding new devices since it broke some updates ago…

Just wondering if anyone has managed to get Homey to control hubitat or vice versa - ideally would like to run them in tandem as hubitat seems to have poor wi-fi device support
I see there are Home Assistant control so just wondering if similar for Hubitat