HTTP post form problem

Does anyone have experience with the Homey HTTP POST form? I want to send an image to an API, but so far, I’m unable to connect to the API. (I removed the actual API data from the pictures.) What do I need to adjust to access the API and get a response?

(This API is not used for detect faces like the face++ app, but for skeleton detection. This is a detection of human body’s in a image).

Link to the API:

Try the logic card?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response. I’ve tried that too, but I still can’t get it to work (see images). Do you have any idea what I should change? I think something’s going wrong with the header and body, but I have no idea what.

Hi Dimitri,

I forgot about something: I think you should use advanced flow to be able to use the response & status code tag in a timeline card

After lots of trial and error, I got it working with an image_url:

Screenshot from 2024-05-04 22-16-50

And you´d use these headers for local image file upload:
Content-Type: multipart/form-data
But I still get errors when I want to use a local image file, I give up on that one
(I’m aware of the
Image Requirements
Format : JPG (JPEG), PNG
Size : between 48*48 and 1280*1280 (pixels)
File size : max 2MB

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That’s not something Homey (or any of its apps) support.

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Hi Peter,
Thanks a lot, you’ve been a great help. I’m finally getting a response back from the API. Sending an image is now the next challenge.

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@robertklep Thanks for your reply! Do you have any idea or tip on how I can send a local image from Homey through the API, ensuring it meets the API’s requirements?

The only way that could work is if you can determine a publicly accessible URL for the image, and I’m not sure that even exists.