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How to use tag as a trigger?

Im searching the forum but I cant find an answer.

I want to use a tag as a trigger.
I know that a tag cannot be a trigger and I should create a variable.

How do I set the Variable? I can create one in settings but there is no way to change this value.

The tag changes when I enable the Rituals device. So Homey knows when it on or off.
How can I link the tag to my self created variable?

I`m not able to put the Rituals device in the if colum so that I can set my self created variable via the then colum.

Can someone please help me?

Kind regards,


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That’s the moment to set a Better Logic variable.
After that use that specific variable in the IF colom.
The tag ur using in the IF colom at the moment is not a Better Logic variable, u have to create that urself.

I’m not able to use the rituals device in the if colum.
If was able to do that then I could set a value for the better logic variable.

So, how u activate the rituals then?

I am able to activate rituals via the then colum in flows. (So here I am able to set the better logic variable)

But if I manually enable rituals (via devices) I am not able to set the variable. Same thing when I enable rituals via their own rituals app.

Very nice and that’s the only way ofc. Mine is set when the misses comes home and de-activated after 20 minutes. It’s all about automation.

Don’t know if the rituals-device reports it’s state back to Homey? Does the other way around work? When you start the device through Homey, do you see it’s started on your phone?

Same here, I want to use a tag as a trigger as well.
If this would be possible, a presense detector (aqara body sensor) could be used to switch lights on AND off using only one single flow (below).
Is this possible?

the answer is already given to you, in your own strarted topic. But for some reasson you dont respond there anymore :thinking:

Homey knows the state even when I don’t use homey to put te rituals on.

So Homey has the information but I am not able to use that.

And also yes, when I start the device via Homey, I can see it as on in the original rituals app

So u want a tag as a trigger and

Then u should make a request for a “a tag has changed” card in the IF colom.
Requests can be made here.

Thanks everybody.

Now I know that what I want is not possible.
Even if Homey has the information.

I will put in a request.

Cheers and a merry christmas!

Ow you’re so cute.
You’ve read it but decided to start a new thread anyway.
Did you feel as if there has been given an answer to the question on how to start /stop a flow using a tag as a trigger? To me, this feels as something obvious that has been forgotten when developing Homey. Just my 2CTS.

Your and my comments are just pollution on an otherwise great source of information :+1:

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