How to trace a phonea

Hello, I would like to create a flow that detects if my phone is on charge or not.
Does anyone you knows how to detect it? :thinking:


Using a smart plug. When, Logic (more as … Watt), THEN, timeline phone is charging.

If you have an iPhone, you can use shortcuts in combination with web hooks.

This is an article that shows you how, but only in dutch, sorry. Works perfect, when my phone starts charging after a specific time, it will turn off everything downstairs.

For Android: [TUTORIAL] Using Tasker / KLWP together with Homey

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Tnx, but I’m looking for a sw solution

Is not the Duch who scares me , but I’m an Android user :frowning: tnx anyway :wink:

Thanks, I will try to take a look :slight_smile:

With Macrodroid and if phone is pluged in, send an http webhook to homey.

If power is connected and you are member of home wifi and the time is between 21:30 and 02:00 the mark me at sleep.

Something like this.


Thanks to all, I will try to study all the links you have sent me, and I will try to implement a webhook with tasker since I have already this app.

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