[HOW TO] Setup Tasmota device

How to Set up a TASMOTA device on Homey

First, via Homey APP, install

MQTT Broker
MQTT Client
Tasmota MQTT

Then, go to Homey Developer Tools

Go to App settings

Select MQTT Broker

Enter port 1883

Enter a userid and password, this would be used on several other places later.
Save settings, start brooker.

Close MQTT Broker

Start MQTT Client

First, find the ip adress of your homey, set it as fixed!

In the Client settings, ENTER IP ADRESS OR DNS
Enter the ip of your homey
Then, USERNAME FOR THE BROKER, enter the same as you entered in the broker.
PORT NUMBER should be the same as in the Broker.
Save Settings.

Then, set up your Tasmota device, as in the instructions with the device.
In your router, set the IP as fixed.
When completed, go to the ip address of your Tasmot device.

Test the device, by toggle ON/OFF


Select Configuration.
Select Configure MQTT

Host, enter the IP adress of your Homey
User / password, same as in the Broker

Now, if all is entered correctly, you can include the new device in Homey😊



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Nice,thank you ! But should be moved to Tutorials @moderators please

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Hi, how can I add more tasmota devices? What should I fill in the brooker and the client?

Thank you

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I have already managed to add one device, but I don’t know how to add another one ? Thank you

Same way like the first one, just use other name for Topic.

I’m doing something wrong, but it’s not working. I have a Sonoff Basic R2, and I’ve already added it to my Homey. I’d like to add a Sonoff Mini R4 as well. Should I add another device so that there are two of them, or should I delete the original and keep only the new one? I’ve tried both options, and it’s not working. Will everything else remain the same? Thank you very much

All set…When i go to add device, Tasmota, i will stuck on “Loading” in homey… Anyone knows why?
EDIT: Via mobile app it tells me that no devices have been found, but when i look into broker log, i can see that my tasmota device subscribed…

it may take some time. Just on case, restart everything, Tasmota device, Tasmota app etc

Restarted about 5 times, everything, now it works :smiley:

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After a lot of struggle, I discovered this guide, which worked very well. I was on the brim of abandoning my Nous A1T switches, but now I can use them again with Homey Pro. Thanks for the guide.

Somehow Homey lost contact with my Tasmota devices after 15/2/24. I checked all teh configuration details and they shoud be correct. Also I cannot add new Tasmota devices. When I use MQTT client app to add a new device, non are found.

Show us console logs from Tasmota devices.