How to evaluate trigger (when) cards with arguments

I’m trying to do the code for trigger cards with arguments but can’t figure out how it is evaluated which flow cards are actually triggered.

For example two trigger flow cards where there is argument for “minutes”.

How can I trigger now the one with 6 minutes, so that 4 minutes doesn’t trigger.

        // Get the "trigger_in" card for the scheduler device.
        const device_schedule_trigger_in = schedulerDevice.homey.flow.getDeviceTriggerCard('device_schedule_trigger_in');
          .then((device_schedule_trigger_in_args) => {
            this.log(`${this.myAppIdVersion} - device_schedule_trigger_in_args: ${JSON.stringify(device_schedule_trigger_in_args, null, 2)}`);

I can find both cards’ arguments, however there is no reference id to the flow card itself just the key - value pairs for the args:

[log] 2023-03-18 11:05:00 [AlarmUtils] fi.oh2th.alarmutils/1.8.0 - device_schedule_trigger_in_args: [
    "minutes": 4
    "minutes": 6

But the question is, how to trigger the right cards based in its argument?

Compare the minutes in the run listener?

Yeah, in the runListener you need to compare args.minutes with state.minutes.

Thank you, now I got it, indeed there can be runListener for triggers also and was documented quite well in: