Flow card emulation argumentation help/clarification needed

As thinking also some other newbees might benefit as well, but not easy to find as no dedicate Topic, making it here…

When looking at ready made examples:

// Run ‘Day Equals’ Flow ‘And’ Card
const { result: isWeekend } = await Homey.flow.runFlowCardCondition({
uri: ‘homey:manager:cron’,
id: ‘day_equals’,

// Run ‘Show Animation’ Flow ‘Then’ Card

await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction({
uri: ‘homey:manager:ledring’,
id: ‘show_animation’,


ids are wrong, that was easy to realize - to be e.g.

id: '‘homey:manager:cron:day_equals’,

But when trying to define “args” similarly to e.g. on

Retrieve the insights value from [[device]] for [[capability]] from [[numberof]] minutes ago

assumed as

result = await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction({
uri: ‘homey:app:nl.qluster-it.DeviceCapabilities’,
id: ‘homey:app:nl.qluster-it.DeviceCapabilities:action_capability_log’,
args: {
> device: ‘XXXXXX-467d-47ad-845d-0b248f66bf3a’,
> capability: ‘measure_temperature’,
> numberof: 10,},

while also tried:

Calculate trend for [[insight]] based on the last [[range]] [[unit]]

thought to be like:

result = await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction({
uri: ‘homey:app:com.spkes.insightTrendsReloaded’,
id: ‘homey:app:com.spkes.insightTrendsReloaded:calculateTrendWithoutToken’,
args: {
> insight: ‘homey:device:XXXXXXXX-467d-47ad-845d-0b248f66bf3a:measure_temperature’,
> range: 15,
> unit: ‘Hours’,},

both failing to return data (1st with time-out, 2nd with empty data), while same cards on flow-sheet OK with same sensor…