How to control multiple dimmers with only one dimmer


I have some rotary dimmers that are from the same manufacture, and I would like to control the output from these dimmers with the use of only one dimmer. (I turn on the “master” dimmer and adjust the output power, i would like the other dimmers to have the same output) How is this done in advanced flow?

You could group the dimmers f.i. using the Device Capabilities app.
When any dimmer is changed, they all follow and get the same value, when the ‘Calculation’ is set to “Mean”

Screenshot from 2023-08-17 23-44-56

Note: the “BLL Expression” is cut-off in the screeny, it is Math.round($value*100)

When you want a Lead/Follow setup, use the main dimmer to set the dim value of the grouped dimmers


You could also use the group app.
Or just create a Flows to trigger when the master on/off and/or dim level changes and send the same to the other dimmers.


Thanks. This worked for me.

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