How to check value on a webpage?

Hello there !

I searched the forum and tinkered with the logic system, but I was unable or correctly understood how to use it.
Would it be possible to retrieve a value (the only one) that is on a page.
This is the level at which my blind is located, and the value on the page is its level (eg 10 or 56). This is the only value on the page.

Thank you in advance !

Look at Homeyscript and this example,

Sorry for the Dutch,
kanikeenkortebroekaan = I can wear shorts…

Hey thanks,

I’m sorry but 'm clearly not confortable with this :frowning:
I’ve tried but i always have the same error …

I want to get the value from an url like this : http://x.x.x.x/core/api/jeeApi.php?apikey=xxxxxxxxxx&type=cmd&id=168
When the webpage open, the only data in is the value (no header or anything else).

Many thanks in advance for the one how can give me the solution !