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How do I determine if a capability is being logged?


Maybe it’s me, but I think the SDK documentation is falling short big time, or at least for me with my limited skills :slight_smile:

That being said, can anybody tell me how to determine is a capability of a device is being logged, or if the user has turned off logging for that specific device/capability?

Thanks in advance,

Le Cactus


I contacted support, but they told me the community was the only place I could inquire about this since they can’t/won’t answer developer/SDK questions.

TIA, cheers,

Not sure why you’d want to know if a user is still logging or not, but that is just not possible to know as there is no tag in the capability data for that.

Thanks. Weird though; the Insights website of Homey itself is able to determine if logging is disabled, so there must be a way :slight_smile:

I want to export the insights data directly to an SQL instance, and if logging of a capability is disabled I can skip that specific log. I know I can just take a look and see which logfiles exist like other export apps do, but the an old last log-date doesn’t per se mean that logging is disable, it might be a capability that seldom logs data.

Anyways, thanks for responding, I guess I need to work around it then.