HomeyScript event data -> Current User

I’ve been using Homey for a couple of years already just to find out recently the option for adding HomeyScript in the mix of flows. Great feature - already know how to write js so lets do this.

My first requirement would be to be able to check if the user who is changing the on-off state of a device is a parent-user or a child user. I am kinda micro-managing the time spend on digital devices for my children. Time-locks and all the works, Homey also has a share in switching lights and other devices.

But I am having trouble to get a handle on the data that is part of the ‘event’ of switching a device state and the flow that is started as result of this event. I want to be able to get the ‘current user’ or something like that, allowing me to implement a switch-statement and return true or false based on the username or id.

Any help into discovering the options is greatly appreciated.

That’s not possible, AFAIK Homey doesn’t keep track which user started which flow/action.