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Can I get a little help.
I am trying to open the HomeyDash shortcut automatically from an android device. But I can only get the chrome browser to open and create another tab with the homeydash url. This results in many Homedash tabs being created.
What I am trying to achieve is to have the chrome homepage shortcut opened instead, as this is full screen and doesnt need reloading every time. What is the url I should use to open this?

Hi. No special URL. Just open Homeydash in chrome. Then open settings (3 dots) and select “add to homescreen”. That adds a Icon to the homescreen. This Icon opens the URL in a fullscreen mode (app-like).

Yes, this is what I have done. But I can’t launch this shortcut any way automatically. If I try using the url it opens a brand new chrome tab instead and has to reload everything. I was hoping to find a way for default launch/open when the tablet screen is turned on.

To solve this I’m using the app automagic. Homey reacts on motion sensor and sends a http request to the tablet. The app automagic reacts on that http call and activates the scrreen als loads the home-icon (in fullscreen). Perhaps something like that would help you.
See this post:

I can send screenshots from the automagic settings. Please ask if you need further infos.

Perhaps other automation apps like Tasker can open homescreen links too, but I didn’t try it. I use automagic because of its built in http server I can call from Homey.

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would you like to post some more info or screen shots? I’m working on automagic, but I can’t get it right. thank you in advance

I hope this is not to much off topic. But I hope it could help other users to activate the android tablet with a motion sensor.

1.) Install “automagic” on the tablet. I think there is only a paid app version, no free one. But cheap enough to test it :slight_smile:

2.) Add a flow in automagic (see the blue activated flow in screenshot)

2.a) Add a trigger for http-requests. This will start a simple http-server listening on the port and path.

Set the path and port you want to use.
The complete URL to call this is shown below (with your local IP). Use this later in Homey.
2b) Add the Logic to activate the display and call the App-Link.
I had to try a little bit selecting the homescreen link. Perhaps you have to create a new link from automagic. I can’t remember. Just try…

Then the flow should look like this (with additional check if display is off or on).

3.) Add the http request in Homey:
Install the app “HTTP request flow cards”.
Add a flow reacting on the motion sensor.
In WHEN part add the trigger of your sensor.
In THEN part add the http request:

You can test the flow and the tablet should activate the display (and start Homey link if set right in automagic).


super!! thanks for the clear explanation. it works here. very happy with it!

Hi, Is it possible to show the Heimdall status in the dashboard, for instance with a virtual device?

Yes, I do have virtual switch that is being updated based on Surveillance mode and the same button is used to turn ON/OFF this mode. Works perfect.

Hi @Igy can you share how you do this, flows?



I have created different virtual buttons to enable/disable flows, i’m using this now true HomeyDash and that works great, but is there a way that I can visually (in HomeyDash) see if a flow is enabled, disabled, for instance with a different icon or a value from a variable that I can write with Better logic or something

Or even better that the tiles are disabled/enabled like for instance as my hue lights?


I did it with modifications in the selfhosted version.
I think the Heimdall switch is already showing the alarm. I added the active/inactive state and possibility to switch the mode with a klick in Homeydash.
If you have a selfhosted version I could give you some lines of cide.

Hi @RonnyW yep also using a self hosted version (Rpi) here, thanks!
But these buttons are called alarm but are not really Heimdall alarm buttons, I use this to activate/deactivate flows that for instance activate a flow when my son goes in bath because otherwise he keeps adding hot water and stays in there for ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, first create VD with ON/OFF capability that will be added to Homeydash. Then I use following flows:
1st to activate surveillance after VD turned ON.

2nd to deactivate surveillance mode after VD turned OFF.

3rd to update VD status, if surveillance mode changed directly in app.

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Hi @Igy,

Thanks but this I understand I have more or less the same to do this, but how can you see now that the alarm is enabled in HomeyDash because that’s what I try to get done here :wink:


See the last flow. If Surveillance mode is enabled, then button is ON and you can see that in Homeydash.

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