Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Hello. Is it possible to change text size? I can’t read all my devices. Or must I rename all of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic is all about the online version so txt is not adjustable.

But there are workarounds for that, but it depends on the browser you are using. There are plugins that can inject custom style sheets to change online websites like:

Hi, this looks great! Can you tell me more about the way you created the activation/unlock thing? How do you activate the iPad through a sensor?

you can also try this way:

Sure, I have even made a complete tutorial how to accomplish this without soldering.

You forget to tell that url is http and not https:

met dash.homeycornelisse.nl/?theme=web
en navigeer naar het nieuwe adres in de adresbalk.

I d like the larger text size of your dashboard, but the red and blinking is to much for me. I like the orange steady much more from the original homeydash. If a window is open, then its no alarm, its a warning.

Or can you select multiple colors based on Heimdall alarm state and if alarm is set (full or partly), then the red color is indeed handy :slight_smile:

This topic is about Homeydash.com, plz stay ontopic.

Ruud, now you’re hosting ‘your’ version of homeydash.com online I’d appreciate it when you give credit where credit is due.
Your version is a copy of mine with just changed css, the inner working is 100% my code that came to what it is by countless hours of coding from me and countless hours of testing by @Rocodamelshekima, @Danny_Mertens, @Andre_Prins and lot’s of others I’m forgetting to mention here (Sorry for that) Yes, homeydash is also not 100% my doing, but the difference between Emile’s homey.ink and homeydash.com is at least 75% more code and more functionality in homeydash.com. Nothing is taken from me so I can’t call it stealing, but it doesn’t feel right either.


@DaneedeKruyff Hi Danee I always give you credits because you have more than earned this. On my site is also your name and under the explanation to get a token is also a link to this community topic. When I posted a message on Facebook that my version is now online, I also mentioned you and thank you for the great work you did for us. So with the credits it is certainly good I think. if you think differently about this, just send me a pb. This week I will see if I can add some extra links to all your profiles on my website with a clear message for the extra credits. the only thing that differs from our version is the appearance and the fire panel that I got done after a lot of practice haha. :joy: But for the rest it is completely your work and without that my version would not have been there. So thanks again for your work and I will adjust my previous posts. :pray:t3:


Zo leuk om dit werkend te hebben!! Thanx community!!


Hi, I see you have added dimming and volume changing capabilities to those devices that support it, but how do you achieve this? I tapped a long tap to change to dimming option, but am unable to get the device to dim. Any other long tap goes back to on/off capability and tap and drag does nothing. And double tap does nothing.
Am I missing something? I can not find any reference in this forum as to how to get a device to dim or volume change.

oh bugger, if anyone like me didnt realise this, it is a pop up at the top of the page.
I had to scroll up to see the dim pop up window.
Great work guys. Donations coming your way.

Can I get a little help.
I am trying to open the HomeyDash shortcut automatically from an android device. But I can only get the chrome browser to open and create another tab with the homeydash url. This results in many Homedash tabs being created.
What I am trying to achieve is to have the chrome homepage shortcut opened instead, as this is full screen and doesnt need reloading every time. What is the url I should use to open this?

Hi. No special URL. Just open Homeydash in chrome. Then open settings (3 dots) and select “add to homescreen”. That adds a Icon to the homescreen. This Icon opens the URL in a fullscreen mode (app-like).

Yes, this is what I have done. But I can’t launch this shortcut any way automatically. If I try using the url it opens a brand new chrome tab instead and has to reload everything. I was hoping to find a way for default launch/open when the tablet screen is turned on.

To solve this I’m using the app automagic. Homey reacts on motion sensor and sends a http request to the tablet. The app automagic reacts on that http call and activates the scrreen als loads the home-icon (in fullscreen). Perhaps something like that would help you.
See this post:

I can send screenshots from the automagic settings. Please ask if you need further infos.

Perhaps other automation apps like Tasker can open homescreen links too, but I didn’t try it. I use automagic because of its built in http server I can call from Homey.

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would you like to post some more info or screen shots? I’m working on automagic, but I can’t get it right. thank you in advance

I hope this is not to much off topic. But I hope it could help other users to activate the android tablet with a motion sensor.

1.) Install “automagic” on the tablet. I think there is only a paid app version, no free one. But cheap enough to test it :slight_smile:

2.) Add a flow in automagic (see the blue activated flow in screenshot)

2.a) Add a trigger for http-requests. This will start a simple http-server listening on the port and path.

Set the path and port you want to use.
The complete URL to call this is shown below (with your local IP). Use this later in Homey.
2b) Add the Logic to activate the display and call the App-Link.
I had to try a little bit selecting the homescreen link. Perhaps you have to create a new link from automagic. I can’t remember. Just try…

Then the flow should look like this (with additional check if display is off or on).

3.) Add the http request in Homey:
Install the app “HTTP request flow cards”.
Add a flow reacting on the motion sensor.
In WHEN part add the trigger of your sensor.
In THEN part add the http request:

You can test the flow and the tablet should activate the display (and start Homey link if set right in automagic).


super!! thanks for the clear explanation. it works here. very happy with it!