Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

It does, looking at the app description. One question: Do I need to make new flows? Does ‘grouping’ effect current flows?

Thanks @KvM!

The group app creates a new device which combines common attributes of grouped devices. Means: if you group some lights the groups switches all on or off. No need for flows.
Flows are needed if you want to include some logic (IF THEN ELSE…)

Edit: Virtual devices (you have to activate “Experiments” in Homey app) can be used as trigger to start flows (for logic and changing special attributes which ist perhaps not possible in groups).

No, current flows are not altered by the group app :slight_smile:

Thank you @RonnyW. I’ve managed to create a Group as a start, for my 8 Hue Lily spots. That’s quite easy and what I was looking for. That, if for whatever reason, my wife wants to have them ON or OFF, she can do that with one buttonclick via this Dashboard. So, I think I can manage that.

But…also for Groups I could want to create a Flow. When my lights are off (they go OFF at a certain time during the night) and my Ring camera is reporting movement, they will need to turn ON. So that is a flow which I can use with my new Group.

But I already have this flow, where I activated spot 1-8 separately. So I need to make a new Flow, or does this flow keep working?

Of course, I can have a look when I’m home but maybe you already know :wink:

Thanks all and I will also dive into ‘Experiments’.

I guess I’ll need a list of most used apps, besides all the known ones. Never new there was a Group app or an Experiments app.

Have a great evening

The current flows don’t change so they will still work. You could however delete those eight flows and replace them by only one flow. But that’s entirely up to you.

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For users that are using the dashboard on an iPad or other tablet that want to lock / unlock (turn on and off) the tablet by Homey… For example controlled by a motion detector, or on during the day:
I’ve coded a firmware for a ESP 32 (cheap microcontroller). To emulate a Bluetooth keyboard. This way you can turn the tablet wireless on and off. A nice non intrusive solution. No need for soldering.


For Android I use the app “automagic” on the tablet. It has a built in http server. In the app you can define URLs the app is listening for.

  • install “automagic” on the Android tablet
  • define a URL listening for, define actions (switch display on, start a Homscreen URL-link to HomeyDash…)
  • in Homey you install the app “HTTP request flow cards”.
  • create a flow which reacts on a motion sensor
  • In THEN part call HTTPRequestFlowCards with GET and the URL (IP of tablet + URL part set in automagic).

Interesting… I wonder if something is doable in the Shortcuts app in iOS. But waking up and locking down sounds like a deep system operation, and Apple is a bit more reserved with system operations.

I use on my Android Tablet the app calls FullyBrowser. There you can config a Display auto on/off by using the front Cam of the Tablet. Other Nice features from this app are fullscreen, Dim Mode, Lock the Tab to show only the Dash Link, turn the screen off by darkness and many more!
Works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s available on IOS too!?


I installed the dash software locally on my synology NAS, mounted a nice android tablet to the wall (it was formyly used for imperihome). made a chrome desktop app link to the diskstation so it runs full screen as an app The tablet has constant power, set screensaver to 30 seconds and disabled the option to keep screen on when it is charged.

Now after 30 seconds the screen dims and then turns off when i walk towards the tablet the screen turns on again.

To turn it automatically on again i used 2 (paid) apps:

  • first (paid) app is motion detector: this apps lets your front (or back) camera of your tablet act like a motion camera, when it detects motion you can set what to do. I set it to send a system notification. The motion can be configured, sensitive, camera width etc
  • the second (paid) app is tasker. Here i made a profile that responds on the notification send by the motion detector app and made a task to turn screen ON.

It works like a charm, when you walk to the tablet it nicely turns on and after 30 seconds it turns off again.


I uses Fully Kiosk Browser on my Android tablet to secure it.
Brighness is part of Android, but Fully Kiosk Browser has also the motion in front of camera, does work ok.
In android I also use the sleep periode from Android it self. So tablet switches off at 23.00 and on at 7.30 Switch on sometimes does not work, then have to push the button :slight_smile:

Further I disabled all apps which I don’t need, In Android you can configure each application if it is allowed to run. That way all pre installed (google) apps can be killed. And additional cant be updated.

Tablet itself if fully locked down by Full Kiosk Browser, with an auto refresh of the page set at 5 minutes, otherwise the background (buienradar) is not updated.


How do you set motion in front by using kiosk?

When i enable kiosk and pin the chrome desktop page i have no setting to turn any motion on or off
Also when kiosk is enabled the other apps i used (motion detection and tasker) don’t work anymore.

@B3rt Settings, scroll down to Motion detection which is a PLUS feature mostly.

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Do you already found a solution for the expiring token problem? I’m also having this problem. Expired already 2 times now…

I have never ever had any expired token, for months now. Curious, do you guys logoff regular from website or from app?

I never logoff, I only login (if requested) and are always logged in on my smartphone. Playing with other users never on my primary phone, but only using Bluestack on a computer or other devices.

Sometimes I login on my work and logout than… But that’s just on the website. Not on homeydash. I’m only using that on one tablet.

So I have no idea why the token is expiring.

As far as i understood, the token is renewed on logging out and in. So if that is correct, you gave the reason yourself already.

Nope, just expires at random, never log out of any of the apps never logon or off on the website.
Must be some app triggering it or something, but since logs are only visable for athom employees and the homeydash is a unsupported application we can do nothing about this problem. Only pray to the athom gods that it get some attention before 2025.

Best not tell @DaneedeKruyff !

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Unsupported by athom, danee is great!
But he cannot do anything about the tokens that are generated by athom…
Danee his hours of work are made criple by a athom bug that is very low on the list of athom(or probebly not even on the list.)