Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

I had some trouble finding the instructions, but eventually i figured it out. The fine idea I thought I had, you already thought of, of course. :slight_smile:
You have done a hell of a job with Homeydash, so I paypaled you a couple of bucks, so you can have a beer on me. Cheers!


Thanks but al the credit goes to @DaneedeKruyff as the developer and to @Rocodamelshekima who is hosting this for the community!

So if you send it to me, then I off course will forward it completely to these two guys who are the real heroes in this story!
I’m just a community member who loves this tool and want to support where I can to help other members to find and work with this great add on for or beloved Homeys.



No, I sent to the paypal links in first post of this thread. You have been very helpful, so I would buy you a beer to, if i meet you. :slight_smile:


Much appreciated, cheers!


Indeed much appreciated @janlev, Thanks!


The dashboard is updated to version 1.1.2

These are the changes

  • Added WeatherFlow’s Smart Weather Station capabilities*
  • Added Italian translations
  • Added option to change volume on audio devices
  • Added option to change target temperature on thermostat devices
  • Added option to dim on supported devices
  • Added option to change order of devices/flows/alarms

(*WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station tested with this app)

Most of these changes are tested in the beta version of homeydash.com so they are not all new but now also available for the people that us the regular version.



@DaneedeKruyff What a great news this :grin:. after a long time I had updated my version to your most recent version. I will now quickly adjust it to this version. What an amazing job. Thank you for your time and effort with this app

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Hey guys,

Firstly i wanted to start by saying that this app is what convinced me to make the switch to Homey. The platform was definitely lacking a dashboard type interface like this. I now have this setup with a mounted raspberry PI in the wall of my living room on a chrome browser, and casting to the Nest hub next to my bed. What you have made here is truly awesome.

I was just wondering if there is a chance maybe in the future to switch away from the current “tile” based interface and to more of a room/scene/flow based UI.
I recently visited a friend who just had a Crestron system installed in his house. He has spent tens of thousands of dollars on a system that to be frank has less functionality than my homey system. Where his system excels though is the UI. He has a couple of touch controllers built into the walls that look amazing. He can tap a device from the “home screen” and control it from there like a ceiling fan for example. He would select “AC” then tap the fan he wanted to turn on and off, the fan icon even has a little animation when the selected fan is running. Lighting control is amazing. He taps “Lighting” then gets an overview by room or overall of each light and can control the dimming up and down on a single page, rather than having to locate each device and repeat steps.

I’ve done some googling and found a couple of images that closely match, maybe it could give you some inspiration for future releases. I will definately be donating some money to you @DaneedeKruyff for the work you have put into this project. Again its amazing!


Forgot to attach the second image.


Begining to look amazing



Any idea how to change background when “Chromecasting” on Google Nest Hub ? :grinning:

&background=httplink to ur file

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Might be nice to put those additions in post #1 or #2?

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Very nice update, now i can control my rollershutter and sonos via the google hub!

I use the buienradar live image as a background, but it does not seem to dim (only the icons dim). Am I doing something wrong (in this respect :wink:


Dimming will only work when a (dark) image is used as a background, not when a webpage is used.

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And the iOS status bar does not dim, it is just the overlying icons that do.

I found a solution to enable the iPad when someone is in the room. And skipping the lockscreen to go directly to the Dashboard.

If you have a Logitech Harmony hub, you can emulate a Bluetooth keyboard. Just add a new device:

Manufacturer “Microsoft”
Type: Kodi

And pair it with the iPad. Now add the device to homey and use it to wake it in a flow triggered by a motion sensor. Just send some keystrokes (does not really matter what)

I’m using an old iPad 2 and it works, but not very reliable. I blame it on the buggy Harmony Hub plugin. It crashes several times per day. Tried to create my own solution by creating a homeydunio device with a ESP32 that emulates a Bluetooth HID keyboard… but I only can connect to iPad 4+ that supports BLE.

Working on a reliable solution, but that requires hacking and soldering into the iPad 2.


Someone beat you to it, and much easier… Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard
Kuddos go to @azid

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Not really. The iPad always stays on that way and consumes electricity (it only dims the image, not the light). My way I can keep the iPad standby if I’m not in the room.