Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

I’m sorry, i’m a newbee on this so i didn’t know that it was special :see_no_evil:

That in home temperature is awesome at the top left corner!

Added local a weather widget.
Now its perfect.


cool… if you have motion sensor in the room you could set it too dashboard if motion was idle…

…they call him in german a “Tausendsasser” :muscle:t3::sunglasses:


The dashboard is updated to version 1.0.8

These are the changes

  • Added selectable outdoor temperature
  • Added indoor temperature
  • Changed settings layout

You can now override the built-in outdoor temperature by selecting a device of your choice in the device settings

And now you can also show the temperature inside, just select the device you want to use for it

The information will be shown in the upper left corner of the dashboard

(Pages may be cached, please be patient when the changes aren’t available for you yet)


Would it be possible to add the option to add spacing between different Devices. Like room grouping or just the ability to customize how the Devices are placed ?

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Yes that would be possible but I’m not gonna add such functionality. Homeydash displays the favorite devices of the logged on user without any modification on how it is stored in Homey. That way changes in Homey will most likely not break the dashboard thus keeping the time to maintain the dashboard manageable.
Homeydash is designed to be used as a dashboard, not as a replacement for the smartphone app by Athom.


Want I have done for my version of Homey.ink, is that I’ve grouped the favorites devices in 3 groups: flows, devices that report a status and devices that are switches. I thought they will keep on working independently of the Homey App? Maybe an idea?

Exzellent work @DaneedeKruyff ! Thumbs up!!

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@Viorel_Dimitrescu How did you do that, cause it’s not implented on Homeydash.com yet?

Plz keep in mind that this is the topic for the online version of Homeydash.com .

@RemcoS81 ust a div overlay, rund it local,
you are right @Rocodamelshekima, sorry. I was realy proud, i have no programing skills.

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Oh, ok. But anyway, i would like to see that on the online version also. Looks stunning!

Appears as though as soon as i started using homeydash, homeykit has been taking (literally) ages to update its devices. Devices from other systems are fast in updating but every homey device appears to be not updating ever. Anything known or is this very much coincidence?

Can I disable homeydash somewhere to test around?

Found a bug related to Sonos on Homeydash. Seems like all the Ikea trådfri outlets become unresponsive when “play” is initiated on the Sonos through dashboard.

Mr Roco asked me to post it here :slight_smile:


Se video for more info

Reply to myself;

After going to homeydash and denying access now homeykit is working like a charm again…

When i want to deny it says: invalid code😬 Dash also keeps on working

@Hannes85 Not sure how Homeydash relates to Homeykit other than that they both listening in on events that Homey emits when device states change.
I also don’t really understand what you mean with going to homeydash and denying access I have not build such functionality into homeydash.com

@Teodor can you please open homeydash.com in a browser on a computer (preferably chrome) open the browsers console, preform the same sequence of events and post the content of the console here?


All i can say is that when i chose to deny all on the homey.ink login page, my HomeKit devices started to respond immediately.

This was after I had restarted homey (still same problem) and rebuild my HomeKit devices (same problem). It was only after following above and deny login that devices started to respond in HomeKit