Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard


Are you hosting the dashboard yourself or using the online version? I’ve added a little code to display a clock myself but this is only possible if you run the dashboard yourself for example on a NAS.


I sure would like to have this piece of code… :stuck_out_tongue::+1:

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Will post it tomorrow😉

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Added the code to the other topic: homey.ink

So for those who are also interested, you can find the code there because it has little to do with the online version :wink:


Very nice this dashboard. I like that you can display all the information on the tile. Something that i would like to see in the homey app as well

The dashboard is updated to version 1.0.7

These are the changes

  • Added ability to zoom
  • Added opacity setting for background image
  • Added option to show time


(Pages may be cached, please be patient when the changes aren’t available for you yet)


What have you done to the top to create Your own buttons for lamps and tv channels ?

You can use bootstrap for example

Any way we can add devices per room rather than only adding all of the favorites? With 70+ devices it can become a bit of an annoyence pretty fast.

You can create different accounts with there own token so this way it’s possible, I did it this way for 3 rooms and one global dash


Greate work!

it would be nice if you coud ab also some ‘type’ icons to replace the original. Like the capability logo to have a light logo instead the Fibaro device for example.

Homeydash.com on a Nest Hub.
Add the Nest Hub to ur Homey as a Chromecast device and call it whatever u like. After that make a virtual device ( i used the virtual device app from Arjan and added a light with just the on/off capability) and call it “Dashboard” . Then we make a flow with casting a website to ur newly added Nest Hub:



Then we can say “Turn on the dashboard” and voila!


Can you also control things on the nest hub, or only show the dasboard?

U can control the tiles yes! It has a touch screen so turning lamps on and off and show the temperature on the tiles works like a charm!

O wauw… thanx for your replay… I think i’m gonna buy a nest hub if i can controle everything… I whas thinking to buy een normal tablet for the dashboard app but the nest hub whill be much nicer ik think :slight_smile:

Find the teaser!!

I heave no idea…

@DaneedeKruyff will tell u all about it soon. :wink:

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Home temp upper left & customized icon on tile lower right? :grin:


Bonus points earned!