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Then we have to ask Athom to change the periods and add 1 to it?

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Dim update not automatically refreshed in tile.

I downloaded a github copy on a local android webserver and don’t have a real time update of a dim level of a IKEA lamp. I need to refresh the whole page(dashboard) in the browser to get the updated dim value.
What do I need to do to get automatic updated per tile?

Really don’t think it’s that much of a deal. Works great the way it is now, just stating why there may be questions/confusion on the part of translations.

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From that post:
“evening”: “ettermiddag”,
“afternoon”: “formiddag”,
“morning”: “morgen”,
“night”: “kveld”,

The more correct translation would be

Morning: Morgen (06-12)
Afternoon: Ettermiddag (12-18)
Evening: Kveld (18-24)
Night: Natt (00-06)

Wikipedia agrees (12-18)


Dont know about local server. I am using homeydash with is working great :+1:t2:

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The dashboard is updated to version 1.0.5

These are the changes

  • Added language selection in settings
  • Added theme selection in settings

(Pages may be cached, please be patient when the changes aren’t available for you yet)

Also corrected the Norwegian times of day.


Awesome update :+1:t2:
But I fond error in the Norwegian translation. Missing a -r-
Solen gikk opp klokken - og gå ned klokken
Solen gikk opp klokken - og vil gå ned klokken

It bugs for me here north of the arctic circle, the sun actually never sets here during the summer (and never rises during a short period during the winter), so it says:

The sun rose at Invalid date and set at Invalid date

I don’t speak Norwegian, but isn’t ‘vil’ used for something in the future? In your screenshot you are look at the text after the sun has set.
These are the translations i was given:

        "presunset": " og vil gå ned klokken ",
        "postsunset": " og gå ned klokken "

by a person who I trust speaks Norwegian :wink:

That sentence is calculated from Homeys sunrise and sunset times, can you show me what these times are for your location?

And that person was me allright :smile:

I see the problem now.
The thing is that “vil” is, as you say something that will happen in the future.
When I saw this, the time was around 22:00, and the sun would set at 22:11
Therfore og “vil” gå ned or og “går” ned The same thing really…

But! as it is on my screenshot it should say og “gikk” ned because it allready happened (Past)
The time is 22:14 and the sun set was 22:11

Should be like this:

"sunevent": {
    "presunrise": "Solen vil gå opp klokken ",
    "postsunrise": "Solen gikk opp klokken ",
    "presunset": " og vil gå ned klokken ",
    "postsunset": " og gikk ned klokken " 

Another thing I did, is a bad translation with this…
This should be right:

   "good": "God ",
    "evening": "kveld",
    "afternoon": "ettermiddag",
    "morning": "morgen",
    "night": "natt",
    "today": "I dag er det ",
    "the": "den",
    "of": " "

Should get my head checked… :smile:


Fixed it, you can check it tonight :slight_smile:


Did you read my message? Especially the part where the sun never sets and never rises if you’re far enough north or south on the globe.

Yes, and explained how the sentence is created.
Have you read my question?
If I don’t know what is in the Sunrise and Sunset variables in your Homey I can’t know how to change the calculation for that sentence.

Well, when it says “invalid date”, say either never sets or never rises, depending on if it’s summer or winter. But surely Homey knows about the midnight sun and polar nights?

“can you show me what these times are for your location?”. Yes, they are: never. Or always.

Right, with that reply and attitude I know when it will be fixed: never. Or always.


I set my location to the north and then look into the Homey App and there it says for sunrise and sunset “Invalid date” so it should be an Athom Core issue. Also the Api Tells just “Invalid date”.
@Alpha send Athom a message about that issue if you like that been fixed.

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Really perfect work guy’s!
i have a question, if its is normal that the blinds from somfy en the temperature from tado is not controllable for the moment?

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For the moment yes. That will be correct!

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Well, I did explain in the first post that the sun never sets.
I’ll give Athom a hint about midnight sun and polar nights. Funnily Vera had the same issues.