Homey Premium?

Is Homey Premium included with the Pro version?

Premium is a monthly fee for the cloud based homey. With Homey Pro you get all the functionality that premium has, but without monthly cost.
Edit: not entirely true I just realized. With Homey Pro you need to pay seperate if you want cloud backups. Think that is 10 euro per year.


Oké, so if you have a Pro 2023 Premium is included. There is an additional service for daily cloud backup’s and that’s €10 a year.

Thanks for the explanation!

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No, it is something separate for a Homey subscription.
And no you can’t use a subscription with a Homey Pro.
But indeed you don’t need it with a Homey Pro. - for you with a Homey Pro it just doesn’t exists. -

And advanced flow is a one time purchase (€25) for homey pro models 2019 and earlier.

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